The day that the rain came down :)

I had a house with a sunroof in my bedroom and the first relaxed night in there, my husband and I were in the midst of making love on our king sized waterbed and suddenly there was a lightening strike and then nothing. All at once, the rain came pouring down right on top of us. We jumped out of that bed and my husband was running around trying to pull the sunroof closed. We have never laughed so much in our entire life


In answer to 2015 Mothers Day from Jenifer

Well my precious, precious daughter. You started this ball rolling for me and I am forever grateful. I love you so much more than you will ever know. Once I became acclimated to motherhood, I found I always felt such sadness for anyone’s first child. The first child has the really awkward job of helping mom give up all her natural selfishness, in order to become a good mother, and that journey can take some years I tell you. Let’s face it, I knew absolutely nothing about that, or about being a mom, the importance of having, let alone, laying a good foundation, the fragility of a child’s heart, or how very much I could ever need God. I was completely oblivious!!!!!!! In the beginning I was great at being a surface mom. A surface mom, knows how to make it appear that she has it all figured out nice and neat, but she actually has no clue!!! As a surface mom, I was so organized. I kept an immaculate home, It’s always like that in the beginning of course, but you learn quick that you cannot step out of that organized world for even a day because it throws everything off. So, I cooked, I baked, I held a full time job, I was on committees for church and school, and still, you could eat off of my floor. Friends and Family used to talk about how I had it all. God forbid anyone should catch me off guard. Sometimes when I took my bath or was down doing laundry I cried. I cried because I knew I had no clue about any of it, and it terrified me. I cried because for the first time in my entire life someone gave me an absolutely beautiful, absolutely perfect gift. When I held you in my arms the very first time we were alone together, I cried. You were so beautiful and so perfect that I wanted to keep you that way. I was sure I didn’t deserved you, and already I would give my life for you. Most every parent soon has a mental list of all the things that they want to do or give to their child. It usually begins, and sometimes ends, with all of the things you did not like, or get, when you were growing up. So, the search begins. You read every child care book there is and talk to every friend because you only want the latest and most relevant information for your child. You look around and notice that families before you actually didn’t know much more than you did right now, so you saw their information as useless. I came away realizing much later in life, that in the beginning I gave you every material thing I never had, but that I was unable to give you any of the things I had not yet reconciled with in my own life, heart, soul or mind. I had absolutely no understanding of any of this, certainly not how to become reconciled with it. I went to priests, therapists, no one who met me could see what I saw. They only saw the facade that had become my shield. I did not know how to release it and they had no idea how to dig for it. What I know now, is that in spite of me, and all my mistakes, and no one understanding any of this, Jesus stepped in behind the scenes. He knew what you needed and He made sure you got that in Steve, and your children. It was through those relationships that you have really grown. You have just blossomed. I think you are an amazing wife and mother. I adore Steve for loving you so much and for persevering in all he does. I couldn’t love him more than I do right now. I am so proud of how you stepped out of the box and went back to school. You did so well and I am so proud. It is a joy to look at Allyson and Christopher, (Dominic and Gabe) and see that the roots of our tree, have been healing and are now bearing a better grade of fruit. What a blessing for any mother. Crazy in love with you my number #1 daughte