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The Beginning

He was such a good looking man. Those crystal blue eyes that twinkled when he spoke; framed by long, curly, pitch black  lashes. He completed the look with his  gangster hat and black horn rimmed glasses, which only added their own dramatic effect. She was completely mesmerized.  He was a college graduate. He had an easy, vibrant smile, and a dimple that spoke volumes to the beautiful and very wealthy, young socialite.  He stood out in a crowd, and she loved the way he dressed to perfection, and the self assurance that she saw in him.

She was not the only one who was falling hard. He had planned on a life in the priesthood and was looking forward to joining the Jesuits the following Fall.  Suddenly, he found himself second guessing his life long dream. Before him stood a vision of loveliness that took root in his mind and heart.  She was only sixteen but she seemed far more sophisticated and mature than  his younger sister, and they were the same age.  She had the lithe body of a dancer. Her skin was olive in tone, and her hair was several shades of natural blonde  blending together in a shimmering sort of way.  She had the most  piercing,  cat eyes he had ever seen, and there was a vulnerability about her, that he longed to protect. The total package  gave her a mysterious, and oh so glamorous  look that he could not  resist.  mens-wedding-rings-platinum

Before the year was out these beautiful people exchanged vows of forever love, signified by a simple platinum wedding band bought at Woolworth’s. My mother was determined she was not becoming Catholic just to marry my father. She had to believe, so they married in the Church Rectory and she continued studying. I loved that in her. Thus began the lifelong passionate love affair of my parents, Bob and Bobbe Wright. When I say passionate I do mean passionate in every sense of the word.